There are four main benefits of membership in the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Vermont:

  • 1. One-stop price shopping. The Funeral Consumers Alliance of Vermont does a state-wide funeral price survey, collecting the General Price Lists required by the Federal Trade Commission from all funeral homes in the state. For a donation to cover copying costs, we will send you the price lists for all funeral homes in a designated town or area. For the 2013 Price Survey online click here.
  • 2. See the link at the bottom of our Resources webpage for helpful downloadable pamphlets and publications.  We also have pamphlets available to send to you free of charge. Give us a call at 1-855-698-8322 (1-855-MY-VT-FCA) or send us an email at  Advance Health Care Directives are also available on our Pamphlets and Publications page, as is information on organ or body donation.
  • 3. The Before I Go, You Should Know funeral planning kit. This kit allows you to designate your preference as to the disposition of your body at the time of death—burial, cremation, or body donation. You can plan the service you wish. The kit facilitates the family’s discussion of a difficult subject, which then leads to understanding and peace of mind.
  • 4. Membership in the Funeral Consumer Alliance of Vermont is reciprocal anywhere in the U.S. where there are affiliates.  Some Funeral Consumer Alliance affiliates may request a nominal donation to transfer your membership (usually $10 or less).  Were you to die in another state while traveling, as a member of the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Vermont, you are entitled to the benefits of Funeral Consumers Alliance affiliates in other states.

Are there other benefits?

Yes, there are many – some of a direct nature, some that contribute to the welfare of all Vermonters.

  • Through publicity and educational materials, our society acts to increase consumer awareness about funeral practices and problems. Over the years, the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Vermont has provided information to senior citizen groups, Agency on Aging advocates, nursing homes and retirement facilities, schools and colleges, churches and clergy, hospice and hospital staff, estate planners, fraternal organizations, business and professional associations, and veterans’ organizations. Many of these groups receive a gratis subscription to our newsletter, thanks to your support.
    Please contact us to arrange for a speaker for a group or agency in your area.
  • We are pleased to have a member of our Board serve as on the Vermont Funeral Services licensing board.  The Alliance also has a committee which monitors state and federal legislation, to foster consumer protection in funeral affairs.
  • The Alliance serves as a resource for those with complaints about funeral services, funeral directors, and funeral homes.

As you can see, your contributions and support ensure that others, including your survivors, will have a consumer advocate in funeral planning for years to come.