Funeral Consumers Alliance, Inc. is the national nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting a consumer’s right to choose a meaningful, dignified, affordable funeral.  We are an affiliate of Funeral Consumers Alliance (FCA).

The FCA website provides access to a vast amount of information, directly or via extensive links, to virtually anything related to end of life issues. FCA does for funeral purchases what Consumer Reports does for products.

Funeral Ethics Organization seeks to promote ethical dealings in all death-related transactions by working for better understanding of ethical issues among funeral, cemetery, memorial industry practitioners, law enforcement, organ procurement organizations, and state agencies, as well as better understanding between these and the general public. You can get general consumer information from FEC here

The Vermont Health Department offers a wealth of information online, including  information about required permits and statutory requirements for those who favor a do-it-yourself approach.  The Health Department website also includes information on advance directives (and the Vermont Advanced Directive Registry), cemetery burials, home burials, funeral services, cremation and burial at sea. It also provides a link to Digging Deep:  Unearthing the Mysteries of Burial and Cemetery Law which is a great resource for understanding Vermont requirements. was created to increase public awareness about green burials and other eco-friendly options.  For more resources on green burials and green burial grounds, click here.

Click here for useful pamphlets and publications.