Natural Burial Grounds Legislation Moving Towards Passage in 2015

H. 25 was introduced in the Vermont House of Representatives soon after the 2015 legislative session opened in January.  H. 25 is “an act relating to natural burial grounds.”

After a number of amendments were made, the bill was passed by the House and sent to the Vermont Senate on March 20, 2015 where it was referred to the Senate Health and Welfare Committee chaired by Sen. Claire Ayer.  This is a great deal more progress made than last year, it’s possible that the bill may be approved this legislative session.  However, fiscal concerns are taking up much of the Legislature’s attention and energy, so the issue of natural burial grounds may be deferred to next year.  Because 2016 is the second year of a biennial legislative session, the natural burial grounds reintroduction in the Vermont House will not be necessary.

You can go to this page to learn about H. 25’s progress through the legislature, amendments made, and what committee the bill is in at the current time.

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